Relationship Minute: Stop the World

“When you’re in pain, the world stops and I listen” – Dr. John Gottman

Part of being in a relationship means being there for your partner when they need you. In healthy, supportive partnerships, that means putting them first.

When your partner is hurting or needs your help, stop your world. You can do this in big and small ways.

In the moment, put down your phone, turn down (or turn off) the television, and give them your undivided attention.

On a larger scale, factor your partner’s needs into your schedule. You’ve likely got a lot of responsibilities and things to do. However, if you’re too busy for a daily Stress-Reducing Conversation and regular date nights, you’re too busy. Stop your world and make consistent connecting with your sweetheart part of your day.

So, that text message can wait and your to-do list will still be here tomorrow. Put everything down and turn toward your partner. When you both do this for each other, your relationship will be unstoppable.

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