Relationship Minute: Start a Love Journal

Have you ever used a gratitude journal? You write the things you’re grateful for, at least three per day. Studies have found that practicing gratitude can help people sleep better, lower stress, and encourage positivity.

What if you used the same approach for your relationship?

Find an old journal, a notepad, or even the notes app in your phone and write three things you love about your partner. The list might include qualities they’ve had for as long as you’ve known them (such as being a great listener or how they make you laugh), something they display in small moments (such as how well they sing or remember special occasions), or something they did in the last 24 hours (such as doing the dishes last night or making you coffee this morning).

Does your partner do anything that inspires you or makes you go “Whoa! You’re amazing”? Consider sharing it with them and see how this open communication influences your relationship.

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