Relationship Minute: Simple Ways to Show Fondness and Admiration

Sharing fondness and admiration is crucial in a relationship, but sometimes gets drowned out by daily routines and absentmindedness. Still, those positive thoughts invoke positive feelings. The goal is to turn both into positive actions that bring companionship back in your relationship.

Showing your appreciation for your partner can be done in little ways throughout the day. For example:

You see your partner is stressed about a work project. You ask them how the project is going and listen to their feelings about it. You add how proud you are of them for working so hard.

You make a tasty tuna salad, but your partner loves a different recipe from a family member. One day you surprise your partner by making the special dish that they enjoy just for them.

You see your partner on the scale and you know they’ve been unhappy with their weight. You wrap your arms around them and say, “I love you just the way you are.”

Show your partner that you are on their side. Use what you know about your partner to let them truly understand how much you love and respect them.

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