Relationships can be difficult no matter who you are or how long you have been married. There are many factors and issues that can affect a marriage. Military families have unique issues that our civilian counterparts don’t deal with. Deployments, early morning recalls, exercises, etc. all add stress on relationships aside from the top 10 reasons marriages fail:

  • 10. Time Problems
  • 9. Expectation Problems
  • 8. Personality Problems
  • 7. Abuse Problems
  • 6. Addiction Problems
  • Read the top 5 reasons

The key to keeping a marriage strong is to continually work on your relationship. When something comes up, seek help early rather than ignoring the issue. For over 30 years, Dr. John Gottman has studied what makes marriages succeed and fail. Take a look at the Marriage Tips 101 from Dr. John Gottman.

Do you want to take a quiz to see what state your marriage is in? Try it by clicking this link: How’s Your Marriage Quiz for Couples

The key point to all this is, if your relationship needs help, seek help! There are many resources out there for you. Take a look on our Common Questions About Counseling page about how to find a counselor for details.

Of note: If you are calling TRICARE directly to request marriage counseling, they will tell you that they don’t cover “marriage counseling” services. However, if you ask for “family counseling” they do cover those services.

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Couples Counseling