Appointments with David Brinkworth

David is currently scheduling in-person or virtual appointments, depending on your needs.

In-person appointments will be conducted at the Airman & Family Readiness Center.

Virtual appointments will be conducted through GoToMeeting. It provides an encrypted video session for the appointment and can be used on your computer, iPhone, or Android. You will need to download the FREE software or app, depending on your device.

You can attend a meeting from anywhere, anytime using a compatible computer or mobile device! Check your computer for system requirements. Run your system’s compatibility automatically. If using your phone, you can download their free app wherever you download your apps.

You read the GoToMeeting Attendee Guide to know what to expect by clicking HERE to know what to expect.

Attention: Nothing should be downloaded onto your base network computers!

Appointments can be conducted for the following:

  • Personal & Work LIfe Appointments
  • Budget Appointments
  • Information & Referrals

To arrange an appointment, email me at my network email ( or you can reach me at

In your email, please provide your name, an email and phone number where you can be reached as well as what you are needing.

I will email you with a meeting date and time, as well as any required documents. Before the scheduled appointment you will receive an email (at the email you provided) with a private invitation to join the GoToMeeting session.

Documents required for appointments:

Download and complete the forms, save them on your computer. You will be given instructions where to email them before the appointment.

Personal & Work Life Appointments – None needed.

Budget Appointment – Download and do as much of the budget spreadsheet as you can. Having your most recent monthly bank statement (for all accounts) and bills (utility, credit cards, cell phone, car payments, etc.) and the most recent end-of-month LES will help create an effective budget during the appointment.

Information & Referrals – None needed.

Initial Transition Counseling – Download and complete the forms below. Save them on your computer. You can email them to me at so that I have them for the appointment.

Transition Capstone Appointment – Requirements depend on when you completed your Pre-Separation Counseling Briefing and/or what Tier you were assigned during your Initial Transition Counseling appointment.