Relationship Minute: How To Build Trust

Trust is one of the weight-bearing walls of the Sound Relationship House. Without it, your relationship is weakened. How you and your partner attune to one another determines how strong this pillar is.

Grand gestures are nice, but when it comes to trust, it’s the “small things often” that matter. If both partners build habits of turning towards each other in simple everyday moments, they build trust.

Here are a few ways to do this from Dr. John Gottman’s “The Relationship Cure.” 

  • Cooking for your partner 
  • Taking care of them when they’re ill 
  • Listening to them 
  • Doing something kind for your partner’s friends or family 
  • Run errands for your partner 

What are the little things that your partner does for you that help you trust them more? Let them know!

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The Relationship Minute is from The Gottman Institute.Visit their website.