Relationship Minute: A Positive Partnership

The fourth level of the Sound Relationship House is the Positive Perspective. When you work on this concept, it will change the way you see your partnership.

Think of the Positive Perspective like a pair of glasses. You see everything through those lenses, and the way they are shaped affects your outlook. A Positive Perspective is the same.

Through these glasses, you can see your partner as an ally—like you’re on the same team and they have your best interest at heart.

So, a misunderstanding doesn’t elicit a defensive stance. You’re more likely to hear their frustration as related to outside stressors rather than as a critical comment towards you. Then, and most importantly, you’re on the lookout for more opportunities that draw you closer together instead of further apart.

Today, see your partner through the frames of a Positive Perspective. Take every interaction as though the person speaking to you is on your side. You’ll find so many reasons to cherish each other when you know where (and how) to look. 

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