Relationship Minute: Love Map time travel

You may feel like you know your partner pretty well—what they like to eat, their favorite movies, and what their face looks like when they’re upset. But what about some of the stories from the archives?

Do you know who your partner’s best friend was when they were 12?

What about their first crush?

How did your partner learn to tie their shoes? How do they draw a star?

Try picking an age, and inviting your partner to share a story about themselves at that age. For example, “Tell me a story from when you were 10,” or, “What were you like at 17?”

Even if you knew them at the age you pick, you might not have heard the story. Approach it like a journalist—get details, ask follow-up questions, and be curious!

Have fun with it. Take turns picking the age and telling stories. You might be surprised by what you learn about your partner.

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